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There is barely any other topic that currently provokes such controversial discussions as the religious radicalisation of young people and young adults in Germany and Europe.

What is noticeable is that the great attention that society is paying to this topic is often accompanied by a lack of knowledge about the sociological, social, psychological and political backgrounds of the processes used to radicalise young people. The discussion is about the fact that people are being radicalised, but not how they are actually being radicalised.

With our counselling, we want to ask about the "how". It is important for us to shed light on how a person can feel attracted to a radical ideology – and how we as a society can deal with it.

Since the social environment plays a decisive role in most cases, online counselling is aimed mainly at the relatives of persons that are becoming radicalised.

Target Groups

Our service is aimed at all those who feel confronted with religious extremism in their environment. In particular, our services are aimed at:

  • Parents and family members
  • Teachers, social pedagogues and social workers
  • Friends and fellow students

They are the ones who can see signs or changes at an early stage and who have the greatest influence on the development of those affected.

Counselling Approach

We pursue a systemic counselling approach. This means that we will work with you to find ways to deal with your problems, worries and questions. We help you to develop new perspectives and opportunities for change. It is important that we take into account your personal circumstances.

We believe that everyone is able to find a suitable solution by themselves. We would like to give you hope and encourage you to find a de-escalating way of dealing with conflicts by yourself, even in difficult situations. We advise and help you to do this – anonymously, confidentially and free of charge.

Our Team

Our counselling team consists of certified online counsellors with various cultural backgrounds, language skills and gender identities. This means that we can advise you in a culturally sensitive and gender-specific way in different languages (German, Turkish, and Arabic).

Thanks to advanced training courses, we are constantly learning about the special features of online counselling in the field of religiously justified extremism. The counselling concepts were drawn up with the aid of experts from the pedagogical, Islamic and religious studies fields.